6 Day/5 Night All-Inclusive Guided Tour Agenda

Price per person (minimum of two): $4,300

( Agenda subject to revision at any time)

Day 1: Arrive at Hughes and Tour the community

Clients arrive on Wright Air from Fairbanks at approximately 9:30 am. KRTT will have a list of activities (tours, meals, visiting, possibly a native dancing performance, safety briefings and review of visitor guidelines, etc.) to fill the afternoon.

This may be a good time for buying gifts from local Alaska Native artisans (beaded gifts, birch bark baskets, fur hats and gloves, bidzahoolanh dresses, etc.). There will also be time at the end of the tours for buying gifts.

KRTT staff will have all gear and equipment loaded on the boats and the party will depart in the afternoon for one of the upriver camps. The evening will be spent relaxing, story-telling and getting acquainted with camp life.

Day 2: Upriver Exploration Day

After breakfast the group will head out on the Koyukuk River to explore the upriver areas of Hughes, mixed in with possibly fishing, gold panning and any other activities that the guides and elder advisors would like to share. After dinner the group will pack up camp and begin the boat ride to the downriver camp location. The group will arrive in the late evening at the downriver camp.

Day 3: Downriver Exploration Day

Day three may be a little slower tempo as the group might be tired from the steady travel, so more time might be spent in camp. This might be a good time for clients to observe fish camp cultural and subsistence activities by the guides and elder advisors (the steps in setting a fishnet and possibly cutting fish). Time on the river in the afternoon touring downriver sites and attractions may also be scheduled.

This will be the last day and night on the Koyukuk River for our guests, so lots of picture time and story-telling will be emphasized.

Day 4: Lookout Camp and Time Spent in the Hills

After breakfast and the staff packing up camp the group will head out for the last boat ride back to town. After returning to Hughes the early afternoon should be a good time for clients to take a short break for showers, phone calls and internet time.

The entire group will head out in the late afternoon or around 5 pm for a night at the lookout camp location. Along the ride the group can tour some of the sites and locations along the way and hear the history of times from the Indian Mountain gold rush era. Dinner will be served at camp once the group arrives and clients can relax and enjoy the views.

Day 5: Touring the Indian Mountain Hills and a Return to Hughes

After breakfast the group can head out for the last outdoor experience of the trip. More tours further into the hills may be on the agenda.

A vehicle tour reaching the summit and into the valleys of the historic Indian Mountain (Black Creek, Indian River) mining camps and dredges would be an amazing experience, if accessible. Hiking to some of the peaks from the lookout camp may also be an activity, for clients that are interested and able to.

After clients have a chance to soak in the views and enjoy the last afternoon in the wilderness of the Koyukuk River region, the group will head back to Hughes.

Clients will go to their pre-arranged guest housing for dinner and a one night stay.

Day 6: Return to Fairbanks

After packing, breakfast and goodbye’s to staff and the community, guests will return to Fairbanks at around 10 am. This will be the conclusion of the Koyukuk River Tribal Tours vacation experience.