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A Glimpse of Life in Alaska’s Far North

Koyukuk River Tribal Tours provide high quality vacation experiences along the Koyukuk River and in Hughes, Alaska that educates our guests on Koyukon Athabascan cultural practices and lifestyle while also providing economic opportunities for our community residents.

Guided River & Hills Camping Tours

Upriver Camps

Hughes Culture Camp

12 Mile Camp: Grandpa Joe’s Country

Alfred Attla’s Camp

Downriver Camps

Henry Beetus Camp: Rock Island Point

Bill and Madeline Williams Fish Camp

Lookout camp

Welcome to Koyukuk River Tribal Tours! We are a new rural tour operator based in Hughes, Alaska along the beautiful Koyukuk River in Interior. Although we are new to the tour industry, the people of Hughes collectively have hundreds of years of experience living, working and camping in our traditional homelands.

We will continue updating our website over these next few months and you can also find more info on our social media outlets.
Please join on us in summer 2017 for an amazing tour experience with the Hudotl’eekkaakk’e tribe!

Ana Baasee’
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Hughes, Alaska and the Koyukuk River are located in the Far North region which encompasses all of Alaska’s North Slope, Northwest Arctic and Koyukuk River regions (the traditional homelands of the Inupiaq and Koyukon Athabascan’s respectively).
We are located in the sub-category of the Brooks Range region.

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